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     All homes have strong and weak points and are not always what they seem. With an inspection from Tri-Star Inspection Services, you are invited to accompany the inspector so that you will gain Information, Education and Peace of Mind; giving you the perspective and knowledge you need to make better decisions when maintaining, buying or selling your home.

   We work very hard through a long checklist of potential concerns to identify the major and minor deficiencies in the home. Our report key sheets, along with the Online HOMEBOOK, clearly describes any problems and often illustrates them with the what-to and how-to guides for repairs.

   The Online HOMEBOOK is much more than an additional resource for the report key sheets. Together, they are a complete owner's manual, tailored and customized to the eight major systems of each individual home.

   Telephone consultations are invited as long as you live in the home. Long after an inspection is completed by Tri-Star Inspection Services, the Online HOMEBOOK retains its value and usefulness, often saving the homeowner or buyer thousands of dollars. It is an investment that pays for itself over and over again.

"A note to thank you for the time you spent taking me through the house. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, knowledge and experience. I would have never estimated that crawling under a house or looking at a dirty heating unit would interest me - but you've changed me."

- Andrew Apodaca (Buyer)

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